Before I tell you what The Krew is, first let me update you on a few changes to my website. Nothing major, but I felt like it helped with the layout a bit. First, I fixed the client links on my Graphic Design page to be less cluttered. They are now all found at the bottom of the page in a footnotes section. Second, for those of you who view the mobile site, I have changed the gallery layouts for all of my images. Instead of having a single column,  I have changed it to two columns of images. That helped to shrink down the length a bit and give more reason to click on the images to enlarge them. How many people noticed? Probably just me, but that is ok! =)
So, about THE KREW ! The Krew is a group of gamers, local to the Huntsville area, which was formed by Karl "With a K" Liggin with the vision of participating in the Extra Life charity event 2015.
For those of you who know Karl, Witak ("Wit' a K") is both his gamer name and how he introduces himself to new people, hence the name Krew spelled with a K. Conversations usually go something like:
Person 1: Do you know Karl?
Person 2: You mean Karl with a K who works at the Space and Rocket Center and plays board games?
                    Of course, everyone knows Karl!
And yes, Karl does work at Sprocket (employee lingo for the Space and Rocket Center) and does play lots of board games (his car is full of them) and is an all-around awesome person. If you haven't met him yet, you totally should.
So, why did he form the Krew?  To bring together fellow video, board, and pen and paper gamers from Huntsville? To have a cool name for the people who hang out and play games with him already? Yes to both of those, but even more it was about being able to participate in Extra Life 2015. With the kore Krew group (see what I did there?), Karl asked people with specific strengths to join and help him organize the upcoming event. For my part, Karl asked me to create the logo, letterhead, and other design related media for fundraising. (T-Shirt design still in the works!)
If you are part of the video gaming community, you might already know what Extra Life is. For those of you who aren't, Extra Life is a non-profit charity organization that brings together gamers from all over the United States and Canada to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network . They partner together with game related companies such as Twitch, PlayStation, Trion, and Humble Bundle, to organize a 24-Hour marathon every year for gamers to raise money for children with cancer. As their tagline says, "We are gamers doing what we do best for the kids." Best of all, 100% of the proceeds goes directly to LOCAL Miracle Network hospitals in the area that you fundraise. For the Krew, the donations go to support Children's of Alabama in Birmingham.
So how does the fundraising work? Just like with a running marathon or similar event, team members ask local individuals and businesses to support them with a one time monetary donation or a pledge per hour that they game. It's fun and simple: the Krew plays games, and you donate money to children who need help. The 24-hour marathon will be broadcast over Twitch , a video-streaming site, to attract viewers from all over the country to donate to the event. Best of all, Karl has invited everyone who donates to come join the party!
There will be food, board games, video games, and pen and paper games for 24-hours on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2015, so mark your calendars! The venue is set, but will be announced closer to time. We have just started fundraising, so a lot is still to come. Please consider donating or participating with us to raise money for children in need. To donate, contact one of the members on the team, or visit the Extra Life website to donate directly to the team or member online. You can search for The Krew or Amy Thornton to help with my fundraising goals. Thanks from the children, Extra Life, and everyone on the Krew team!