While browsing around for things to see in Alabama, I came across an article that mentioned a Rainbow Tunnel next to Railroad Park in Birmingham. It looked gorgeous! I had been to Railroad park once or twice but had never seen nor heard of this tunnel. Being a color junky, I knew I had to visit and take some (hopefully) creative, color filled images.
So last Saturday I called my friend Andrew, who is also a photographer, to see if he would be interested in going with me. Luckily, he was just as excited as I was! After stopping to eat dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (yum!), we spent several hours walking around the park and taking pictures. I had such a great time seeing all the different colored lights and talking photos with him! Our styles of photography are vastly different, but it is always nice to have someone there to geek out with about perfect angles and picture framing. While I haven't seen his photos yet, I'm sure they are wonderful. =)
For my photos of the Rainbow Tunnel, I focused on color and line because those are the elements that speak to me most. The colors were constantly changing, but the curves of the arches and lines of the cross beams remained constant. Close zooms made for some really great abstract pieces! In the wide view shots, you might notice that the tunnels are kind of dirty around the walkway. While I could have removed the grunge, I felt like it added a realistic element to colors that look so fake. It reminds me that this is an actual place, not a post-apocalyptic, futuristic hallway like some of the pictures make it seem.
The second half of the photos look completely abstract and unreal. These are actually close-ups of water streams with colored lights shining on them. I took them at the Waterfall in the heart of Railroad Park and was so happy with the way they turned out! Some of them look almost like silk.
I will be adding a few of these images to my portfolio, but mostly they were just for fun. For those who live near Birmingham, I would definitely recommend a walk around Railroad Park. I hope you enjoy viewing these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!