Firstly, if you haven't noticed, the website got a makeover! It's pretty obvious, if you've visited before, that things have changed. I went for a lighter, more modern style with a warmer color theme. It took me awhile to plan, but I am excited with how it turned out! I will probably feel the need to change it again in a few months, but I am happy for now. =)
Now on to today's post. This post is dedicated to all of the wonderful people in my life who are getting married (or have gotten married recently), but mostly to the now Mrs. Chelsea Fincher, her now husband Aaron, and their cute daughter, Bailey, as they are the ones featured in the images. My friend Andrew LOVES portrait photography, and a few weeks ago he asked if I wanted to come with him to an engagement shoot for one of our mutual friends, Chelsea, a director for Hamacon . Portraiture really isn't my thing generally, I'm more of a landscape and still-life type person, but I thought it would be fun to hang out and get some practice.
I am so glad I went because we had such a great time taking pictures in Big Spring Park! While we waited on Aaron, ducks swarmed us as we tried to feed their cute little babies, but it was totally worth it. Bailey would run from them as they chased her for more food. Feeding animals was a theme for the day as she also got to feed some fish with bread a nice man and his daughter gave her at the spring, but the most important theme was pictures of the great couple. It was so fun to see them interacting for the different poses, and Andrew got to use all his portraiture knowledge to expertly pose them just so. Let me tell you, he has an eye for poses and is fantastic at telling you exactly what to do (in a good way!). He took some photos of me at the con that turned out fantastic (including the updated image I have on my about page ), and he took some photos at my sister's wedding last weekend that I can't wait to see! So although I didn't have many, I have posted a few of my better photos from the day below, along with a few I took of Bailey and their dog a few weeks ago on Monte Sano. Enjoy!