I have been creating digital artwork since 2009, but my love for the field spans my entire life. I have been working as a paid design professional since 2011 and am currently working at an Engineering company in Huntsville, AL. In addition to my personal work, I also do freelance and volunteer design work on the side to improve my skills.

My portfolio showcases a wide body of works that range from client requested graphic designs to my personal photography and paintings with everything in between. My blog , which will be updated on a semi-regular basis, features the most recent additions to my portfolio and personal work as well as other design related information.
Although I design with a number of mediums in various styles, my favorite pieces to create are digital collages. The process is somewhat complicated, but in general I begin with basic photographs and add many layers and textures to create unique surrealistic pieces. My biggest inspiration for these digital collages is an artist named Maggie Taylor. I have loved her works ever since I first saw them. A gallery of her pieces can be found on her website, .
In addition to Maggie, there are so many other talented artists out there who deserve to be mentioned as well. You can check out my links page to see a list of artists who, like me, are young professionals working to build their artistic careers.
Please enjoy browsing and feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, or commission requests. Thanks!
- amy